To add a unique flair to the design of your home, you can use vintage prints or posters to decorate any room. You can use vintage posters in a modern room design to reflect both the past and present while coordinating with the colors in the room.

Here are a few tips to make vintage prints and posters a part of the design of your home:

Consider the room you are decorating. Depending on the wall space and design of your room, you can determine what colors and type of print or poster that will be the best compliment to the room. Depending on how the room is used also can determine which print or poster to choose. For example, what you might use in an entertainment room, home office or bedroom may differ from what you would use in your kitchen.

Think about composition. The vintage posters you choose can set the mood or atmosphere in a room. In addition to choosing vintage prints that will compliment the colors in the room, you can choose the right composition that will enhance your room. For example, if you are decorating a bedroom and you want a calm and soothing feel, you might choose a print or poster with a botanical feel with flowers or ferns.

Measure the wall space. The amount of space that is available can be an influence when choosing your print or poster. Make sure when measuring the wall space that you take into consideration the size of the print and its size while in a frame. While a smaller space can lend itself to decorating with several small prints, with a larger space it can lend itself to decoration with a larger scale print or a few posters with a similar composition can be assembled as a series or triptych.

Choose the right vintage prints or posters. After considering the type of room, composition and wall space available, start looking for the right prints or posters for your home. While you can search in antiques stores or flea markets, for the best variety of choices, it is recommended to search online sites. Once you have decided on which prints or posters are best for your home, you must mat and frame them in the materials and colors that will best preserve the print and coordinate with the rooms you are decorating.

Accessorize. Choose accessories that will coordinate and enhance the prints you have chosen. Add special touches to your room that will tie the posters to your d├ęcor. For example, if you are designing a Victorian style bedroom and have vintage prints with this style, add damask or embroidery covered throw pillows to the furniture of the room. You can also cover a table top or dresser with lace doilies or a shawl and add touches of silver containers, crystal perfume jars or ornate candlesticks. If you have vintage posters with seashells, you can add an ornate dish filled with seashells, small rocks or coral or to further evoke a Victorian feel.

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